For costumers “Auksinė dovanėlė”

team offers individuality, style, flawless quality, romantic story, and unique beauty.

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The first “Auksinė dovanėlė” store was opened in 1992 on a sunny April 4th day. For more than two decades, the number of stores had grown consistently, and customers have enjoyed an exclusive assortment of “Auksinė dovanėlė” luxury items.

This jewelry and luxury watch business is based on family values, honesty, and respect for the customer. “Auksinė dovanėlė“offers high quality, stylish, individual and unique manufactured articles with romantic historical touches. The supply of goods is flexibly tailored to people, who claim exclusive, high quality and luxury jewelry.

“Auksinė dovanėlė” team kindly invites to come to a store and promise a warm welcome, professional consultations and a wide selection of jewelry and watches.



Vilniaus g. 9, Vilnius

Tel.: +370 5 212 6019


Saltoniškių g. 9, Vilnius

Tel.: +370 5 219 5806


Talino alėja

Ozo g. 25, Vilnius

Tel.: +370 5 238 9652


Rygos alėja

Ozo g. 25, Vilnius

Tel.: +370 5 204 2742


Ozo g. 18, Vilnius

Tel.: +370 602 29273