Leo Pizzo jewelry has been manufactured in Italy for over 45 years and is renowned for its sophisticated design, high quality of the raw materials used, and craftsmanship of the craftsmen. Although the brand claims to believe in technological innovation in the production of jewelry, it also places a high value on the art of goldsmithing. Each piece of jewelry is made by a master who creates a unique and exquisite product not only by hand but also by heart. Leo Pizzo has partnered with specialized stone collectors and, for over 40 years, with the most famous gemstones sellers, enabling the company to offer the best quality jewelry on the market. The brand’s mission is to use diamonds and other gemstones that have not been found in war zones, and that children and human dignity are not used in the production process. Leo Pizzo jewelry is also estimated for its shining beauty, exquisite design, and high quality.