The Luca Carati brand was founded in 1988 in Italy. The company is well-known throughout the world, and the jewelry it produces is featured at major world exhibitions. Exceptional styling, the meticulous creative process by the manufacturers and exquisite design of the products are the hallmarks of Luca Carati, a manufacturer of classic women’s jewelry.

Today, as in the past, Luca Carati is one of the few companies whose jewelry is born in the homes of an ancient goldsmiths. In the manufacturing process, special attention is given to details, materials, which are carefully selected, combining traditions with the latest modern technologies.

Luca Carati jewelry is encrusted with gold and other precious stones. Each piece of jewelry has an engraved round logo emblem, which ensures its authenticity. Elegant, stylish and luxurious, these are Luca Carati jewelry.