About us

  • "Auksinė Dovanėlė" ("Golden Gift") first opened its doors on a sunny April 4th, in 1992, when, after regaining independence, Lithuanian people finally had the possibility to devote more time and effort to themselves and their family and friends. This family-owned jewelry and luxurious watch business is based on strong family values and bonds. All theses years, "Auksinė Dovanėlė" has offered its clients individuality, style, impeccable quality, romantic stories and beauty beyond imagination. Pricing and assortment are tailored to not only people looking for jewelry and watches that are exquisite, one-of-a-kind works of art, but also those who seek something wonderful and affordable to all. 

    The employees of "Auksinė Dovanėlė" are always ready to welcome you with a smile and professionally help you choose from our selection of finest items available.  

  • Vilniaus st. 9, Vilnius
    Tel. no.: +3705 212 6019
    Fax.: +370 5 212 6385

    Tallinn av. 
    Ozo st. 25, Vilnius,
    Tel. no.: +370 5 238 9652

    Riga av. 
    Ozo st. 25, Vilnius
    Tel. no.: +370 5 2042742

    Konstitucijos pr. 16, Vilnius,
    Tel. no.: +370 5 210 1742

    Saltoniškių st. 9, Vilnius

    Tel. no.: +370 5 2195806

  • UAB “Auksinė Dovanėlė”
    Company code: 124262624
    TAX code: LT242626219
    Vilniaus st. 9, Vilnius
    Tel. no. +370 5 2126019, Fax +370 5 2126385

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